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a restless Soul
You sleep beside me - you are so true -
and now I miss the lack of you.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
passing through my thoughts
you trampled my soul
but please stay:
your presence is still reassuring,
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 3 0
the Net of Hoar (a Poem in Prose)
The restless spirits throw diaphanous nets of hoar to trap the blades of grass, the meadow threatening swords. The crickets together yell. "They serve to play our songs!"  But the wind feebly whispers and the leafy branches rustle, covering their desperate words.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
le Poid
Pluie de printemps,
(mes cheveux sont naïfs)
mon amour a dégainé ses griffes.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
the Author Self
Sometimes one writes a story - obviously according to his own taste - for there is no story to read according to his own taste.
He has to work hard as a writer in this case, to surprise himself as a reader; but if the 'author self' is lucky, the 'reader self' will have little memory, hence the story that does not surprise him now, will surprise him then, re-reading it in the future.
To make more tasty the affair, the author self can write the story disguising his handwriting but remembering to sign it as a top shot; then hide it in a box in the attic, among the fripperies, and if attics are not available, a cellar or a closet will also be fine.
Considering that the reader self has little memory, the rest is easy to understand.
About this that’s all I know.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
new ancient Mythology
Among the Shuaba, at the behest of the 'Ancient Lords of the Sky', the priests had great power. When war and famine decimated their people - certainly because of human arrogance  - they ordered the young of the tribe to take as wives and husbands the beasts of the forest and live with and like them. And it was so that men began to eat men.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
there was a Door to Nowhere by the Sea by ForestoFairies there was a Door to Nowhere by the Sea :iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 0 0
a tiny Tale
Attend the gardens in cloudy days
when Sunset comes and grabs the stage.
Bring with you a candle to better see.
Something will happen if you listen quietly.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 3 0
un minuscolo Racconto
Nei giorni cupi frequenta gli orti
quando il tramonto ruba la scena.
Per vedere meglio porta una candela.
Ascolta e taci: qualcosa accadrà.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 0
the Lair of the Spirits
On the evening of June 25, 1896 Dr. Anselmo Lopresi found on his desk a package and a letter, delivered to his secretary by a thin tanned young man named Domenico Guilla, also known as Mino, on behalf of a pale and extravagant tourist, Alessandro Bandini, who had visited him a few days before.
The letter contained some diary entries:
June 15
Four nights ago a violent earthquake shifted the heavy stone that sealed the cave called 'Lair of the Spirits', on Errace Hill. The goat herds noticed it the next morning and the news traveled for two days and 50 kilometers, until the town of Agnaria, in which I was spending my vacation.
Folk, because of the ancient legends, believe the rock to have been shifted by the spirits whom, once out, caused the earthquake; everyone fears future misfortunes.
The same day, at the restaurant of the inn where I used to overnight, I knew Dr. Lopresi, mayor of Agnaria, old-fashioned educated man and history buff, equipped with a long white beard, a sure sign of
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 5 2
Mature content
Invocation to Schemesh (50000 B.C.) :iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 2 4
the Artifact
Dear Mr. Goth
The artifact you found among the ruins of the legendary city of Mihira, is in my hands since ten days now and - despite my skepticism - it works.
The very first time pressing the buttons, I've followed the sequence you suggested; hence I've chosen a random combination, and it has been like being thrown in a prehistoric village: I could hear, see, smell, and understand everything without being seen.
In the next three months, while guarding your precious object,  I will try other combinations and send you detailed reports of my experience; meantime I would like to describe to you my favorite visions so far. These scenes take place not far from the aforementioned village: for the protagonists are priestess, I call them ‘The Visions of the Priestess’.
Everyday the priestesses move from the sacred cave toward the beach, right before sunset. There are six or seven, walking slowly in line, with bipedal unsteady gait, leaning on long sturdy wooden sticks,  w
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 5 26
the first King of Arukturu
When the Lords of the sky, that - as everyone knows - had created men to be their slaves, wisely decided to free them from the labor in the mines, the first kings were proclaimed.
The Lord of the ancient East chose for his people Akiguttah, son of the priestess Buhumuttah and, it was rumored, of a Lord.
When the savage peoples, descendants of the infidel men, escaped from the mines over the centuries, found out about the coronation, they sent their best hunters to Arukturu, the capital, to kill Akiguttah and any future king proclaimed by the Lord and not by men.
The king, who had expert spies, ordered to dug a wide and deep pit in front of the temple of the Lord of the ancient East and to cover it with a huge towel and ground; hence sat on the temple stairs, waiting for the savages , who came running and fell screaming.
When the pit was full of traitors, Akiguttah's soldiers led two heavy cages, each drag by four donkeys, toward it. the cages were opened and two wild beasts, like a cro
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 4 6
Drop by Drop
I knew a girl
who used to cry
the departure
of her tears.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 4 0
just a Cup of Tea
The arched backs
of two black cats
quarreling on a sill
seemed to the girl
swinging on the chair
a couple of small hills.
Behind those mounds
the distant sun
was falling down to sleep.
Instead the rain
which blurred her eyes
was nothing else than weep.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 9 4
the Fall of Tantuoh-Daho
Ak-Shakarka was contemplating the horizon, leaning against one of the onyx columns of the temple of Ostutdrea - the god of the things that are and that must be  - already old when the father of his father was young, located in the valley of Sura, four thousand steps from the western door of the city of Tantuoh-Daho, when a galloping herd came.
From afar they seemed a pace of wild 'hungu', small rhinoceroses resembling donkeys, who usually roamed, grazing, in the land over the river Tiggian-Turu.
At a closer look he recognized the warriors hidden behind them and immediately started to run desperately toward the city to alert his people, but a thousand steps before Tanthuoh-Daho a wooden spear pierced him : that day Ak-Shakarka fell, together with the temple, the city and the reign of the Tantuoh dynasty.
:iconforestofairies:ForestoFairies 1 7


The Characters - 09 - Livio Volt by leevolt The Characters - 09 - Livio Volt :iconleevolt:leevolt 30 22 bookmark by sarayaga bookmark :iconsarayaga:sarayaga 6 0 Poe by Deidaraloveshismommy Poe :icondeidaraloveshismommy:Deidaraloveshismommy 11 1
Twin Moons
To realms remote and Stygian shores,
the Coven opened ancient doors.
They scaled the mountain of reprieve,
and then would travel nevermore,
for there upon that hallowed peak,
with winds that flay and vistas bleak,
the Seraph and the Lady slept;
before their Gods, the faithful wept.
With azure stone and sturdy steel,
with restless hands and hearts of zeal,
they built their palace tall and firm,
to keep the Sleepers safely sealed.
Under twin moons pale and still,
the Coven's gesture of goodwill,
the towers on a blackened lake
protect their Icons till They wake.
:iconpressnl:PressNL 2 0
excerpt from the journal of one henry akeley
the folklore is true...
i have seen those eyeless heads,
heard their droning, buzzing speech.
despite the dread fact
i have witnessed the mi-go
photographing them is moot.
their very substance,
fungoid and otherworldly,
keeps them from being imaged.
what's, then, to de done
by way of gathering proof
these shambling monsters exist?
:iconhaijinik:haijinik 6 0
Menstruation  by mumzyart Menstruation :iconmumzyart:mumzyart 1 0
The Raven and The Octopus.
With the raven on his shoulder
Gently downwards approaching
The shadowy and mysteriously
Eldritch cellar.
"What is it that you seek
On one's own
Within this sunless vault?"
Silence answers the question,
Only the chilling wind's whisper
Followed by incomprehensible muttering
While gazing within the bowl.
"Fear not friend
My children ensure
My sanity."
:iconnestharon:Nestharon 5 3
Dreadfull whispers
You don´t hear them
But they talk
The whisper
To all of us
No stop
The main people
Cannot hear them
Lucky ones
But some chosen
Hear them
I am one of them
My brothers
Call them gods”
The are deranged
I´m still have my mind
They aren´t gods
They are just old
Very old
They know everything
On the universo
They control it
They are everywhere
Space and time
Are their tois
So are us
We are just pawns
At their game
But the truths
And the knowledge
They posess
Are worth of it
I just have to manage
To stay sane
:iconpaconidas:paconidas 1 0
There is no thing
Such as freedom”
Only a variety
Of slavery to choose
There is no love
Only addiction to the people
Well addiction
To the pleassure
Of rubbing to bodies
There is no happiness
Only placebos
There isn´t a truth
Just choose the lies
You preffer
Or you just feel
comfortable with
There isn´t Friends
Just a chain of favors
I live as an ignorant
But after years
I awakened
We are just dust
Pretending to be diamonds
Now I see it
The whispers told me
They twisted my brain
With true lies
And logical paradoxes
Now I see it
Laughing under a full moon
I see it!!
:iconpaconidas:paconidas 2 5
The Seven Angels
    From out of a shapeless, timeless universe beyond our own, there came a violet gas known as S'ngac. Long had his gaseous brain pondered about the nature of reality, and long had he drifted through his amorphous realm doing nothing else. Gazing into our smaller sphere of shapes and linear time and gravitational pull, he found it more interesting to see for himself the many forms of existence which could arise out of the ultracosmic void that is Chaos. So into our universe he flew, seeing before him many planets, planetoids, stars, nebulae, comets, and other celestial bodies which were remarkably novel to his senses. He soared past the Pillars of Creation, narrowly missed the jaws of a black hole, and long conversed with the immense ghosts of long forgotten stars.
    When he realized that these bodies sometimes possessed smaller forms on top of them, S'ngac observed them more thoroughly, perceiving a wide range of shapes on their surfaces. He found worlds wh
:iconjoerb:JoeRB 10 11
With clanging force, the great gears turned, bringing up the bridge from the salted depths.  When the boards had stopped their motion, the Traveler made his way upon the slim path.  Above him the cloudless sky hung amber, and below swayed the ill sea.  In the near distance, the muddy rocks broke an otherwise monotonous scape, and there lay the Traveler's current destination.  
Step by step, he made his way.  When his feet pressed upon the stone, the man found a dirty ditch, carved into the surface of this lone isle.  He followed it, booted feet softly treading the path to who knows what.  The Traveler knew his purpose, the desire of his quest held ever within his heart and mind, yet what he never knew was where he was fated to go on this journey.  Still, he felt that fearsome tug upon his being, drawn on to his next task.
And where this task lay, the Traveler spied it at another edge of the isle.  A small, lone spire of crystal jutted up fro
:iconnncm:NNCM 1 0
The Black Room, Part One
It all started in M-666. It started in a small town called Virginia City. But for the story to really begin, we must go eastish to the town below Virginia City, Ennis… In a High School…
I closed my eyes. What has happened to us? Humanity is weak, broken under the boot of greater beings. Beings who could care less about our well being.
Beings whose great magnificence outshines our diminished stature in the universe. Their gibbous, eldritch  forms fill our minds with incomprehensible insanity. My mind was broken, somehow I remember how. But I do not know of what transpired after the hideous sightings of creatures beyond our realms of science and physics. All rationality is lost.
It was just at the beginning of the year when it happened. When the new boy came, dressed in obsidian clothes and a ruby-red tie. His grinning, green eyes laughed coldly at those they saw. Their eldritch light hit people, and studied them with clear disdain. The boy’s insistent scribbling a
:iconthenyartist:TheNyartist 3 0
(I fear what humans do, I fear what humans think
I feel what humans feel, I fear what feelings can do
I fear what humans have done, I fear what humans will cause
I feel so human; so absolutely human, my God) x2
We're picked apart in the day, left for the mulch
Silver sepulchure, cultures clashing and embering in the fields
Poppies are plentiful, we ingest every vice to verse the
The hollowing effects of losing drive due to the vultures
I see them everywhere; your pay stubs to brick walls
Your houses, your allowances, your chains decaying, tricks, stalls
All these calls into the forest are so soothing, so enticing
It's almost nice
But death seems so inviting, rings a bell if you're living hell or living in it
Limited and grinning through the grimace, seconds, minutes, hours days, weeks, months, years
Got lots of hearts and bonds to break, if you've got any left, toast
Cheer to the happy, you scare me disappointed
Wish I wasn't on a pedestal,
But I wish I was invited, not I don't
I been
:icondrannonymous:DrAnnonymous 1 0
Alhazred's Statue
I traveled to Alhazred hence,
The statue and the bench.
There he is locked within,
For his very Sin.
Once I drew him out,
When I was madly roaming about.
But chained he was to me,
So he couldn't flee.
Alhazred saw me pluck the flowers,
And threw the roses over him so fragrant.
And he didn't liked it then,
But I tried to learn him a lesson.
Death comes by for all to see,
And even when you don't want, it shall be!
You cannot remain in this statue for eternity,
Alhazred let me set thee free!
I wish it! So Mote It Be!
I will visit thee...
Until thou art free!
:iconmvtsicky666:MVTSicky666 2 0
Alienate Beloved
There is silence in the world
Since we didn't said farewell;
And your beauty with an alien speech
An alien tale would tell.
There is silence in the world,
Which is not peace nor quiet;
Nei; a golden heart
Ever I seek to flee therefrom,
While I belong with Thee,
And walk the ways of the riot.
But when I hear the music moan
In rooms of thronging laughter,
A serpent-tongued demon drives me forth,
And silence follows after.
:iconmvtsicky666:MVTSicky666 2 0
In the land of Ooth-Nargai
Is a snow-capped mountain.
Covered in gingko-trees
Not far from Celephais
The beautiful city.
:iconmvtsicky666:MVTSicky666 2 0




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Although in my writings and images there are macabre scenes and descriptions of violence, I AM AGAINST VIOLENCE ON HUMANS AND ANIMALS.
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